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ibaroodyThere is no doubt that internet marketing has taken the world by storm. It has leveled the playing field for small business to compete with major corporations. Like any other entrepreneur, even I wanted to establish a decent presence of my business online. I was wondering whether it is the right time to get involved with internet marketing companies Lebanon. Perhaps the only reason I was a bit hesitant was because I had a limited budget, and was not certain about spending a great deal of it on a web based marketing firm. I had my own reservations and I was wondering whether it is a good idea to invest on website development. Although I was convinced that internet is the medium to attract the interest of customers in the future, I decided to spend a few months in reading up on the subject and get more information about such firms. One question was running in mind – whether I should figure out everything by my own self and save a great deal of money upfront or rely on some professional companies.

During the course of my research, I realized that as a businessperson I cannot afford to take out time to learn every aspect of internet marketing as the subject is quite vast. In order to understand this, I had to devote in quite a bit of time, which I could not afford to do so. One aspect I did realize was that each of the services pertains to different strategies that in the end aim at optimization of business operations. Under these circumstances, it was wise that I outsource services to SEO companies in Lebanon. As competitive benchmarks have gone a bit higher, it was imperative that I seek assistance from a reputed company that would help me achieve my business goals. It can never be denied that most businesses these days are done online. By conducting research, getting access to the best company in Lebanon was not that difficult. Due to the rising popularity and excellent service, I decided to invest in a firm that was reputed.

As I had limited time in my hand, I quickly got in touch with the experts of the firm. During the first interaction itself, I was quite convinced that they are ones who can get my job done. The firm assured me that I could expect an effective marketing service that would definitely help me to attract more customers. For this to happen, the first step was an effective web design. Their basic aim was to get loyal customers and establish an outstanding brand image. Both the web design and SEO are very important to establish a strong online presence. For the planning of my site, I had some of the best website designers in Lebanon who were exceptional professionals. The persons who were in charge were able to create unique and custom-made web designs. I was completely amazed with the overall look of the site. Within months, I was able to witness a change in my business dynamics. Their service helped me attract more clients, which boosted my business in a very short span of time.

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Rugged Phone- For the ‘Smart’ and ‘Tough’ Blend

chinavasion“Your salary has been credited”, the words were indeed happy-dance worthy. No wonder the ones around me were all smiles. It is certainly incredible to mint money and have your work take the form of passion. My father was stern while saying, “Opt for further studies because that seems like a sane decision”. Somehow, I transformed into my rebellious self within no time. Yes, even Ma decided to support me in this endeavor. Fortunately, I was placed in a well renowned advertising firm. The need to bring that patent, wide smile on Pa’s face was indeed present. I mean, who would not want to weave first-salary-memories? The next thing I know I was looking at a page boosting of rugged phone sales.

To be very honest, that seemed to be the only option. Going by the poll and my wish, this particular factor had won the most votes. My much hyped online detour commenced when the work atmosphere was tad relaxed. Let us face it: smart phone these days have now come down to a status symbol. Agreed all of them were on similar lines in terms of physical characteristics. However, do you not think a little feature analysis was highly essential?

My extremely tech savvy friend-cum-colleague and I peered at the screen for almost an hour. Few clicks, incessant keyboard tapping and here we were. Our organizational and meticulous sides unleashed and took centre stage. To lend a helping hand to our fellow online mates, we charted out the following list:

Searching for that erstwhile contact, checking in at your favorite place or sending an instant message. Things initially with an unattainable touch to it are now seeing the face of reality. What if told you that these creations could withstand harsh and external conditions?

You might find it astonishing but they have found customers amongst miners, construction workers, scientists, hunters, geo-scientists and farmers. Seems a little too much to digest at the very first instance, right?

Think durability will favor the regular phone bandwagon? Well, time to have a change of opinion and words. Research has it they are more inclined towards the rugged community. Turn on your laptop now if you have your own apprehensions towards the authenticity aspect!

Did you know your robust buddies also go by the name of waterproof phone? People compelled to use mobiles underwater, are you taking note?

Heard of small sizes and extremely tough combination? Chances of you giving this-is-new-to-me look can be highly anticipated. Moreover, they bestow you with the much enticing dual core CPU and SIM.


Owing to many cups of coffee and grave thinking I could zero in on a mobile with the features mentioned below:

1.0GHz processor speed and 512 MB internal memory

432 x 240 display resolution and IP54 Water Resistant

1800mAh battery size and 802.11 b/g/n Wi Fi

3.5 mm Audio port and 2 (WCDMA/GSM) SIM card slot

My eyes were once set on the uber cool and newly introduced Wrist phone. Glad I went through the road less travelled and bought it from a drop ship supplier.



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Social Media Marketing: An Effective Tool to Promote Online Business

webdesignsemTo have greater traffic to my company website, I had to rely on services specially to look after my online business.  Most online websites today run on the vision of getting good visibility among the users and first time visitors. With the help of social media marketing this is possible as they offer interesting tools to improve the presence through different platforms. Today plenty of social media platforms are actively trending abuzz with launch posts and updates of several brands. Hiring a social media team always works in creating a good stir in the users’ minds.

Buying various marketing strategies from an established social media agency always proves instrumental in bringing the name of the brand ahead of all its competitors. You will find plenty of sites selling the same kind of product line with a different strategy which makes it a real tough deal for the customers to make their choice. It is an essential part of every business to promote as much as possible about the brand name highlighting its services so that people are compelled to visit your company website. A huge customer viewership list defines the credibility of the products or services sold by the particular company.

To improve the ranking of my online company I had a hard time dealing with the promotional activity. I decided to hire the service from an agency that was well versed in their business. Their main goal was to feature the client’s website in the top ten search engine optimization results from the many competitors present in the internet world. Increasing the potentiality of the client was their primary objective which helped to elevate the visibility of my website in the search engine bracket.

I was fortunate to get the services from this marketing team that focused on creating a good impact about my company. In the internet age it was essential to promote your brand name with creative sales. I was definitely seeing many more visitors visiting my web page to generate enough traffic. With a careful approach and intelligent planning this was possible. For any business to flourish the main components that chartered out as essential was to build trust and a good relationship with the patrons. With effective sales strategy and advocacy the stairs of trust and confidence was developing among the users.


My website found its way to the top via local search optimization team that did an excellent job in attracting clients with optimal campaigns. I could see a much new traffic generated on my website every week. Unlike earlier where only selective people would make purchases and leave, now they were able to view my products on many other platforms understand the effectiveness of my business. A great deal of input and creativity was incorporated in building my company name to the top.

With their hard work and capability my website featured on a new page of success. The influence of their campaigns was quickly spread and reached all over, thereby escalating my brand awareness.


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